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Aimee & Vincent ♥

Aimee & Vincent ♥

Eeep I have so much to look forward to 🎉

Going onto Game to play with the Matthews, but I have gave up on the story line (not feeling it today) so im just gunna game play and make up stuff as I go ♥


Sorry for the lack of updates, I have to be in school (even over easter holidays) for English revision classes (since I failed my english exam) but today is the last day so hopefully ill get some updates :D 

Plus another reminder, I have a social life as well so all over easter, I need to be out with friends plus my GCSEs are coming up so I need to revision …. at the minute, sims is like one of the last things on my mind >.<

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You & I (Big Payno Remix)

Big Payno Remix… Can’t wait for the single to be released XD

Harrison *yellow Nappy*

Dylan *White Nappy*

"Would you keep your yapping down, boys….the marshmallow will be done in a minute"



He is bloody perfection ♥

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Harrison &amp; Dylan&#8217;s bedroom
*not as decorated as I ran out of money*

Harrison & Dylan’s bedroom

*not as decorated as I ran out of money*

Does anyone else get those moments on the internet that you dont know what to do with yourself so you look up random crap? 


great - I feel like a hopeless penguin ♥


Today I got a small job in my local supermarket, which is great cause im skint and need the money….

….also means lack of sim updates but don’t worry I don’t start until the 28th April (since im in England next week)


I’m trying to resist myself from going onto game but now seeing Harrison and Dylan, I just can’t… I need to go into game XD